Need to find AR and Reading Counts levels and point values? Let us make your life easier--download a scanner app! Both of these apps are available in both android and IOS.

AR Points Scan

Want to know how many Accelerated Readers points a book is worth? Points Scan lets you scan a book's barcode with your smartphone and instantly link to AR information.

Book Wizard

Use the built-in barcode scanner to find book information. New books and barcodes are being added all the time to make Book Wizard Mobile even more up-to-date.


Look for the bright yellow stickers labeled DYS-F throughout the children and teen sections. These titles have larger print, off-white paper, more spacing, OR have an audio book that can be paired with them. All of these adaptations make these titles easier for dyslexic readers to decipher and enjoy. We are adding new titles all the time (focusing on classics and popular series) so keep watch for new additions!


Our youth graphic novel section has something for readers of every interest, even non-fiction! These titles pair text with pictures that include context clues to help readers who may not pick-up on them when reading traditional titles. A great option for children who are becoming reluctant readers.

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