Meeting Room Policy


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The Delphos Public Library provides meeting rooms for library-sponsored or co-sponsored programs and conferences which meet the library's civic, informational, educational, cultural and recreational service goals. Library sponsored or co-sponsored programs have priority over non-library programs. When not in use for library activities, the meeting rooms are available to community organizations and committees under the following guidelines approved by the Library Board of Trustees. Groups need not be restricted to the Delphos City School District, but they must hold their meeting for the benefit of the School District residents. The Library Board neither approves nor disapproves of content, topic, subject matter and/or points of view of individuals or groups using the meeting room.

The meeting rooms are available for groups of up to 50 people.

Non-profit groups may use the room without charge if the group can show proof of non-profit status. Profit-making and other groups will be required to pay a rental fee of $25.00 per four (4) hour period. Payment is required to the library before use of the room. If the room is used less than the scheduled time, the cost remains the same.

Library provided equipment (TV/DVD, projector) is available to groups using the meeting room. The charge for use is $10.00. All groups (profit & non-profit) must pay for this service.

Except in an emergency, one week notice will be given for any cancellation made by the Library. The Library will make every effort to avoid a cancellation but does reserve the right to make cancellations. All organizations or groups must complete a Meeting Room Contract form each time they reserve space. Either at the time of application or after review, verbal or written confirmation from the library must be received before a request has been formally approved.

The meeting room is available during the hours that the library is open to the public. All meetings must be completed and cleanup by group no later than fifteen (15) minutes before the library closes and will not be scheduled on Fridays after 3 p.m. Any supplies of the group shall not be permitted to be left at the library. Afterschool groups (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.) may only book the room for a period of 2 hours. The room must be exited after the 2 hours and if policy is not followed then privileges to reserve meeting room will be revoked.

Refreshments may be served. Cooking is not permitted. Food and beverages must be consumed in the meeting room only. Groups must supply their own supplies. Any leftover food or beverages will be disposed of at the discretion of the library. Users are responsible for cleaning up and restoring the room to its original condition before leaving. A minimum $25.00 fee for janitorial service will be assessed if the meeting space is not left in original condition.

No smoking, vaping or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the library. Nothing may be affixed or mounted in any way to the walls or ceiling. No illegal substances or weapons will be permitted on premises. Burning candles, Sterno or other flammable substances are prohibited.

Without prior approval from the library Director, live animals are prohibited unless they are needed to assist a visitor with a disability (service animal).

The library retains the right to deny the space to any user whose planned use of the space does not comply with these terms. The library Director has final say in meeting room decisions.

The library assumes no liability for theft or damage to property brought onto library property or for injuries which occur as a result of actions of sponsors or participants during activities taking place in meeting rooms.

The individual or group reserving a meeting room will be held responsible for the order and conduct of the group and for any loss or damage to library property. Young children accompanying adult users of the meeting room shall not be left unattended in the library. The library’s behavior policy will be followed. Minors are not permitted to use meeting rooms without adult supervision.

Any abuse or misuse of facilities will be sufficient cause to deny the use of library meeting rooms in the future.

Persons or groups must submit a completed Meeting Room Contract form at least ten (10) days before the event. The reservation is not confirmed until the form has been submitted; approved and full payment has been made.

Failure to comply with meeting room policy or rules may result in loss of meeting room privileges including immediate termination of a meeting by appropriate library personnel.

The meeting room is not available for family parties, showers or receptions.

Specific rules governing the uses of the meeting room, established by the Board of Trustees and supervised by the Library Director, are subject to change.

Meeting Room Request Form (PDF)

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